Buying Foreclosed Property Without Land Surveying in Mobile, AL

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Buyers who are considering foreclosed properties are looking for a good deal. It’s possible to find one, but it’s essential to follow proper procedures to avoid disasters. A crucial step that some buyers skip is land surveying in Mobile, AL. Here’s why this happens, and what can happen after buyers miss this step.

Why Buyers Skip Land Surveying in Mobile, AL

Foreclosed properties often require extra paperwork, legwork and time to cut through all the red tape surrounding the property. In an effort to reduce wait times and additional costs, buyers may decide to proceed without a land survey. They take the bank’s word or the realtor’s word for granted. They trust they have been given accurate information about the property and move forward based on this information.

Why Buyers Shouldn’t Skip Land Surveying in Mobile, AL

Buying a foreclosed property without a survey is just about the biggest mistake any homebuyer can make. As the purchaser, you are making a significant investment. You want to feel secure about this. Without a survey, you can’t be secure in your purchase. Despite any reassurances from the realtor, previous owner or bank, you can’t know exactly what you’re buying until you have the survey in hand. You’re handing over a lot of money, so you should know what you’re getting in return. Land surveying in Mobile, AL provides this essential information. Without it, you could be quite surprised at what your purchase actually entails.

What Happens When Buyers Skip Land Surveying in Mobile, AL

As professional land surveyors in Mobile, AL, the team at Polysurveying has extensive experience in these situations. We have seen buyers who greatly regret skipping the survey process. One recent buyer’s situation offers a perfect example:

  • Step 1: As a representative of the bank, a realtor showed a property to the buyer. The realtor advertised that a detached shop and garage were part of the deal. Power connected the home and shop, so this seemed like a legitimate claim.
  • Step 2: The buyer decided the property met his needs and put a contract on the home. He understood that the property would be appraised and all three structures would be included with the price agreed upon.
  • Step 3: This is when the buyer should have hired a professional to complete land surveying in Mobile AL. This would have verified the realtor’s claims to ensure the buyer received what he thought he would at closing.
  • Step 4: After the sale was complete, the buyer received an after-the-fact survey. This revealed that the property line split the home and the shop. It became clear that the buyer did not own the additional property.
  • Step 5: The blame game begins. The buyer has a real mess on his hands as he tries to sort out the facts and how to proceed.

In short, this frustrating situation could have been avoided if the buyer had not skipped step three!

If you are considering the purchase of a foreclosed property, don’t skip land surveying in Mobile, AL. The experts at Polysurveying will complete a detailed and accurate survey to ensure you are fully informed about your purchase before it is finalized.

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