Learning from Texas—Why You Must Have Flood Insurance

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Adding insult to injury, many people affected by recent flooding in Florida and the Gulf Coast did not have flood insurance, meaning that much of what they lost during the flood is simply lost for good. It was the same when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, and this greatly compounded the problems of the region, adding not just months but years to the rebuilding process.

Why wouldn’t you have flood insurance?

The reason most people didn’t have insurance is also the best reason for everyone to have insurance. The truth is that most people, even in cities with floodplains as large as Houston’s, live in low-risk flood zones with about a .02 percent chance of flooding, according to insurance firms’ calculations. This low risk means that many people simply avoid flood insurance altogether, seeing it as “money being thrown away.” However, Houston shows that flood insurance is crucial today, even in low-risk areas, as we are seeing catastrophic, “once-in-a-generation” storm surges more often than ever.

And there’s really no excuse not to have insurance, because being in a “low-risk” area means that flood insurance is extremely cheap––so cheap, in fact, that it simply doesn’t make any sense at all to risk the hundreds of thousands of dollars put into your property in order to save the chump change you’ll save by avoiding flood insurance.

What do you need to get flood insurance?

Flood insurers use a combination of the elevation of the area your building is located in, and the elevation of your particular building––taking into account any architectural elements aimed at abating flood risk––and by using this information, they generate a fair price for your flood insurance. If you’re in a high-risk area, or an area that hasn’t been mapped for flood risk, you need a FEMA Flood Elevation Certificate, which provides all of this information, before you can purchase insurance.

Your floodplain map can be found by talking to your local floodplain manager, and your FEMA Flood Elevation Certificate, if you need one, can be obtained by hiring a company that can conduct a land or topographic survey in Mobile, AL. This will help guarantee you the best price for insurance.

Why you must have flood insurance

Every year, a lack of flood insurance costs individuals and businesses billions of dollars in unrecoupable losses and property damage. After natural disasters, it is important that we pick back up the pieces quickly, and try to get back to normal. We are all in this thing together, and in times of need, it’s important that we all help each other return to feelings of normalcy. If you don’t have flood insurance, you’re not only risking your own property and money, but you’re risking letting down your community. You’re risking allowing the devastation of a natural disaster to extend past weeks and months into years and years. Flood insurance is just a basic part of being a good citizen.

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