Flooding Across Florida and the Gulf Coast Shows Why You Need an Elevation Certificate

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If you’re in a high-risk flood area, you need to get a FEMA Flood Elevation Certificate to prove your home is built to the proper elevation to prevent flooding, which has been deemed “very likely” in your area. If you don’t get the FEMA Flood Elevation Certificate, odds are your insurance will simply be too expensive to afford. Getting a FEMA Flood Elevation Certificate is simple and can save you a lot of grief in the future in the case of an emergency.

What is a FEMA Flood Elevation Certificate?

A FEMA Flood Elevation Certificate shows the elevation of your building, which can prove to your local floodplain manager that your building is up to code, and can help your building be rated more favorably for flood insurance, meaning a lower premium.

Who has to have a FEMA Flood Elevation Certificate?

Only properties within high-risk flood zones need a FEMA Flood Elevation Certificate. Otherwise, you can buy fair flood insurance even without it. The only exception is for people whose buildings were constructed so long ago that they don’t show up on your local flood insurance rate map. Then, you’ll need to get a FEMA Flood Elevation Certificate to confirm that you’re not in a high-risk area; otherwise you may end up getting suboptimal, expensive flood insurance.

Where to get a FEMA Flood Elevation Certificate

Your local floodplain manager is the first person to check with, as it’s possible that there’s already a FEMA Flood Elevation Certificate on file for your building. Similarly, if you recently purchased your building, you can ask the sellers, as it’s also quite likely they already got a FEMA Flood Elevation Certificate themselves as a way of lowering their flood insurance. You can also ask the building’s builder, as they probably carried flood insurance on the building during construction.

If none of these steps turn up a FEMA Flood Elevation Certificate, then the next step is to hire a licensed land surveyor in Mobile, AL who is authorized to offer Elevation Certificates. They’ll provide you with detailed elevation data, which will help insurers understand your building’s elevation compared to the base flood elevation of the area. This is the information insurers use to calculate your flood risk, and thus your flood insurance costs.

Contact a land surveyor in Mobile, AL

Polysurveying, a land-surveying and mapping service, has over four decades of experience working with a variety of professionals and industries in and around the Gulf Coast. We’re certified and authorized to offer FEMA Flood Elevation Certificates, which can really save you a lot of money in the long run. We have been family owned for over three generations, and connect with our customers both through our high-quality work and our commitment to putting their needs above our own. We’re on the cutting edge of surveying technology, work fast, maintain the highest standards in the industry and know the Gulf Coast area like the back of our hand, which makes us one of the fastest, most reliable land-surveying companies around.

If you live in a floodplain, you need a FEMA Flood Elevation Certificate in order to get flood insurance—and you need flood insurance. Don’t get caught without it! Give Polysurveying a call to speak with a land surveyor in Mobile, AL today. We help property owners navigate the flood insurance process.

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