Benefits of Aerial Drone Surveying in Mobile, AL

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Having a land survey performed is something that many property owners might choose to do for a number of reasons. From resolving boundary disputes to determining where to begin a development project, aerial drone surveying in Mobile, AL can provide a lot of insight and details that can be very useful to landowners. Having land surveying performed offers a lot of benefits, and the specific use of drones can be an advantageous choice over helicopter surveying or satellite imagery of your property:

  • Detailed imagery: While satellite imagery does offer some degree of insight into what’s going on with your land, it does not offer nearly as much resolution or details compared with other types of aerial surveying. Helicopters and drones will both provide additional details about your property, but drones can sometimes be a better option because they can survey much closer to the property than helicopters can. The images obtained by drones are often clear and detailed, which provides you with a great deal of valuable information. Try to find a surveying company that offers detailed surveys that meet the standards of the American Land Title Association (ALTA), since these will generally be much more useful for construction and development purposes.
  • Site planning: Drones make site planning and development projects much easier, since they offer a clear bird’s-eye view of your property. You can determine important topographical features and lay out the location of your development project based on the location of existing structures and any geographical obstructions. If you have a large piece of property, drones offer access to areas that would otherwise be difficult or even impossible to get to.
  • Increased safety: Drones are controlled remotely by a professional surveyor on the ground, which offers an increased level of safety. For one thing, drones can provide insight into the condition of roofs, buildings and other structures that would otherwise have to be inspected on the ground. Being able to see the condition of the building remotely reduces the risks that might arise when people attempt to climb roofs or inspect unsafe conditions in person.
  • Price: Generally, drones are a less expensive option compared to other methods of surveying. During some types of land surveying, you may need to halt construction or the operation of businesses and plants, which can cause you to lose money. When you complete a drone survey, you don’t have to interrupt or shut down operations or construction projects.

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