Take Advantage of Aerial Drone Surveying in Mobile, AL

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Getting a reliable land survey offers a lot of advantages for property owners and individuals who are considering purchasing a piece of land for development. The most reliable and detailed surveys will be made in accordance with the standards of the American Land Title Association. ALTA surveys provide incredible detail, which is useful for a variety of reasons, and at Polysurveying, we take things to the next level by offering high quality aerial drone surveys. No matter why you are considering land surveying, the detail and accuracy that aerial drone surveying in Mobile, AL provides can be incredibly useful:

  • Construction projects: When you are embarking on a construction or development project, you need to have a good idea about what you are dealing with in terms of existing structures, topographical features and boundaries. An aerial drone survey can give you an incredible amount of insight about your land and it can help you plan your project strategically. A construction survey will allow you to stake out reference points in your land that can aid you in your construction or development of roads, buildings and other structures.
  • Real estate: Whether you are buying or selling a piece of land, an aerial drone survey can be helpful when it comes to the sale of real estate. It provides potential buyers with a clear picture of the boundaries of the property and it also shows things like hills, trees, structures and any encroachments on the land. This survey can give much-needed information about a piece of property that is important to have prior to a purchase. Sometimes, it can be difficult to accurately determine the boundaries of a piece of land based solely on what the seller advertises or even what the deed says. Aerial drone surveys offer clarity and provide accurate boundary information.
  • Subdividing land: If you want to sell portions of your land or divide it up for development or inheritance purposes, a aerial drone survey can aid you in drawing clear boundaries and help you determine how you can subdivide your land in the most logical way possible.
  • Boundary disputes: Even amicable relationships with neighbors can quickly turn sour when a boundary dispute arises. You can avoid this altogether by having your land surveyed before issues pop up. Having a professional perform the aerial drone survey provides you with a reliable assessment that can help you plan future developments and determine whether there are any encroachments on your land. It is much better to have your boundaries surveyed before a dispute arises to avoid potential legal fees or the cost of moving or tearing down your building and construction projects.

Whether you are seeking to resolve a boundary dispute or you need a survey performed before you list your property for sale, you can get help from the experts at Polysurveying. We specialize in providing aerial drone surveying in Mobile, AL that can help you with construction, development, subdividing land, listing real estate and avoiding boundary disputes. Our professional team of surveyors strives to provide the best service possible to our customers at affordable prices. Call us today to find out more about our services and to get a free quote.

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