An Overview of Surveying in Mobile, AL for Commercial Projects

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Surveying in Mobile, AL is an important first step for any commercial construction project. Since these efforts require a large monetary investment, you want to be sure nothing is out of place and that you plan accordingly. Otherwise you risk expensive mistakes and even legal liability. Here are five types of land surveys you may require for your project:

  • Boundary survey: Before you build, order a boundary survey. This is especially vital if you are building near a rural or residential property. Encroaching on your neighbors’ boundaries can lead to civil lawsuits and additional expenses that may not be included in your construction budget. You should order a boundary survey before purchasing, building or developing land to assure your plans match the actual borders.
  • Construction survey: Also known as “lay-out” or “setting out” surveys, this sets markers that offer guidance during construction. When your crew arrives on site, they will know the locations for buildings and roads, which reduces the chances of miscommunication and expensive mistakes. The construction survey makes planning simple, and if irregularities occur, you will find it easier to work around them.
  • Elevation survey: If your effort is located near water, you need an elevation survey to secure coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). The elevation certification shows that you comply with community floodplain management ordinances and determines your insurance premium rate, which assures your rate is assessed fairly. Without the elevation survey, you cannot receive flood coverage, and that can be disastrous if your warehouse, factory or office is rendered uninhabitable due to an “act of god.” Also, many people overpay for their flood insurance because they do not schedule regular elevation surveys as flood maps adjust.
  • Topographic survey: Similar to an elevation survey, but more detailed, the topographic survey highlights natural and artificial land features. This is handy for land that was developed previously, since it shows the location of utility lines, retaining walls and current buildings. It lets you know what is already present on the land so you can plan around these conditions. You can often save on costs because features you require, like retaining walls, may already be present where you need them the most.
  • Conservation easement surveys: Your optimal industrial location may share a boundary or easement with a conservation trust. A key part of being allowed to develop near them is ensuring the presence of easements that allow for use of your spaces. The conservation easement survey determines these spaces to help you plan. You may need to follow restrictions against building in certain areas or maintain waterways to support wildlife habitat. If you are developing a business park, these adjustments produce advantages. Many tenants decide to move in because of the presence of wildlife or walking trails that appeal to their employees and promote productivity.

If you require a surveyor in Mobile, AL for your commercial project, contact Polysurveying & Engineering to schedule a consultation. We will help you determine the type of surveys you need to assure that your project is beneficial and profitable.

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