Surveyors in Mobile, AL Find Opportunities with New Sorting Facilities

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Amazon and Walmart recently announced plans to open sorting and warehouse facilities in the Alabama Gulf Coast region. Construction begins this year with operation starting next year. Both centers will be near Mobile, which creates opportunities for surveyors in Mobile, AL, as well as for civil engineers and others in the construction industry. This will lead to new growth in the area and improvements to infrastructure. Here are the benefits you can expect with these two new projects:

  • Construction opportunities: The Amazon facility is a $30 million sorting and shipping center. It is expected to cover 362,000 square feet. Walmart’s distribution and warehousing center will be 2.5 million square feet and bring $135 million into the local economy. Both companies expect to employ civil engineers, surveyors, architects and construction crews just to get these two projects off the ground. Once in operation, that employment cycle will continue.
  • Increased employment: Eventually, the Amazon location will employ 360 part-time workers and 1,000 seasonal workers. The Walmart facility is expected to create 550 new jobs. In addition to these positions, there is also expected to be job growth at the Port of Mobile, as there will be a greater need for shipping and export services. Since port employment depends on shipping demand, it is likely that more employees are needed to keep this commerce moving smoothly. This is not just about the local economy, but also the benefits that flow to the community as a whole.
  • Improved infrastructure: To accommodate the needs of distribution and shipping, local government promised $1.3 million in road improvements. This promise helped the city land the project in the first place and will benefit the overall community. With new tax revenue coming in from these developments, the roads will continue to be well maintained long after the construction is completed. This will lead to other infrastructure improvements that will be enjoyed by all.
  • Visibility: This is the first Amazon distribution center in the state of Alabama. Mobile gained the distinction of attracting the project, and that will reflect well on our city. It is likely that other businesses will also move in once they witness the success of Amazon and Walmart. These are high-profile companies with loyal customer bases. Having them conduct business in our city offers nothing but advantages for us, with a high possibility of future growth in our area.
  • Optimism: Walmart announced its plans in March 2017, and Amazon followed in June. Both facilities will open in 2018, and interviews for management positions have already started. This shows that our area is constantly growing and evolving to adapt to current markets, and that creates a viable community. We look forward to the future as we see what Amazon and Walmart bring to our area in terms of jobs, opportunities and growth.

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