What You Should Know Before Getting a Boundary Survey in Mobile, AL

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When the boundaries between pieces of private property aren’t well defined, issues can quickly arise. From trouble determining where improvements to your property can be made to misunderstandings that may lead to less-than-amicable encounters with your neighbors, the absence of a firmly established boundary line can spell trouble for landowners. In addition, ill-defined boundaries may prevent you from using, developing or making improvements to your land. If you are unsure of the exact boundary lines of your property, a boundary survey from a professional land surveyor in Daphne, AL might be in order.

Understanding what a boundary survey is

The aim of a boundary survey is to determine the exact extent of any given piece of land. The focus of this survey is the establishment of the corners of the parcel of land, but it also includes determining a comprehensive outline of the property’s perimeter. If a map of the property already exists, the surveyor will update it with the newly established boundary lines. In the event that there is no map of the property in existence, a new one will be drafted. In some cases, fences or other indicators of property boundaries may be put up by the boundary surveyor in order to firmly establish the perimeter of the land.

When a boundary survey should be performed

While no set guideline exists for the frequency at which boundary surveys should be performed, having your land surveyed regularly can ensure that potential land disputes are avoided and that you are managing all of your land in accordance with local regulations. Any time you purchase land or begin building or developing your site, it’s a good idea to have a boundary survey in Mobile, AL. This survey confirms the information in the title deed and is imperative for landowners before they can begin major building projects.

A boundary survey is also necessary prior to entering into any land-use agreements. Additionally, a comprehensive survey is needed when a landowner is asked to devote portions of their property to the creation of public infrastructure by state or government entities.

Who should be performing a boundary survey in Mobile, AL?

A boundary survey can be a very detailed and sensitive operation and, as such, should only be performed by licensed boundary surveyors. Attempting to establish land boundaries yourself without any formal training can result in inaccurate measurements that will increase the likelihood of land disputes and delayed development and land-use projects. A trained boundary surveyor will have years of experience and technical training under their belt to ensure that your boundary survey is done accurately and efficiently.

If you need a boundary survey in Mobile, AL, the experts at Polysurveying & Engineering can help. We have years of experience working with landowners to determine the precise boundary lines of property and land parcels. If you need a professional and precise boundary survey before beginning a development project or to solve a land dispute, we can assist you with expert survey services that will provide you with precise measurements of your land and its boundaries.

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