Four Essential Skills of a Qualified Civil Engineer in Daphne, AL

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You likely think of an engineer as a person or company that designs and builds structures, and most people have heard the term “civil engineering,” but have no real grasp of what it really means. Although civil engineering requires years of school and studies, training and skills specific to the field of expertise, it’s easy enough to generally explain to anyone. In short, civil engineering is a professional discipline in the engineering field that takes control over the design, construction and maintenance of buildings, roads, bridges and waterways like dams and canals, as well as other structures. Without further ado,... View Article

What You Should Know Before Getting a Boundary Survey in Mobile, AL

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When the boundaries between pieces of private property aren’t well defined, issues can quickly arise. From trouble determining where improvements to your property can be made to misunderstandings that may lead to less-than-amicable encounters with your neighbors, the absence of a firmly established boundary line can spell trouble for landowners. In addition, ill-defined boundaries may prevent you from using, developing or making improvements to your land. If you are unsure of the exact boundary lines of your property, a boundary survey from a professional land surveyor in Daphne, AL might be in order. Understanding what a boundary survey is The... View Article