The Importance of Getting a Percolation Test in Mobile, AL

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Whether you’re starting the process of purchasing land to build on or you want to begin construction of a sewage system on your site, the results of a perc test in Daphne, AL are essential to determine the suitability of your land for further construction and development. A percolation test determines the water absorption rate of soil and indicates whether a sewage system can be successfully placed on a given site.

While it might seem like a minor formality, this test can mean the difference between a successful construction project and a stalled or even permanently halted build. If you are about to purchase land or you have a site that hasn’t yet received a perc test, it’s imperative that you determine whether your soil is suitable for the construction of a septic system.

The basics of perc tests

Perc tests frequently occur during a more general site evaluation administered by site surveyors. If your land falls outside of the jurisdiction of municipal sewage systems, the soil must be sufficiently permeable in order to ensure the proper function of a septic system. In general, soil that is primarily comprised of clay or more solid rock is less suitable than soils that are made up of more sand and gravel. Denser soils will not be able to effectively filter wastewater, which will prevent the installation of a normal septic system. Sand and gravel soil types offer a higher drainage capacity and will likely fare much better than denser soils during a percolation test.

Before you buy land, you can get a rough idea of whether it would fail or pass a percolation test by observing a handful of the soil. If the soil sticks together well, it likely has a higher clay content and might not pass a percolation test in Mobile, AL.

The results of your percolation test are essential before you can move forward with a septic installation. In fact, the passing of percolation tests is often a legal requirement for the building of a new structure with a septic system. In short, a failed perc test could derail your residential or commercial building project.

Because of just how essential this test is, it’s important to have it administered by a trained civil engineer in Mobile, AL. They can advise you on any and all tests that are necessary for your land and help you interpret the results. If your land does not pass a perc test, you will need to learn about available alternatives to a traditional septic drainage system and whether they will work on your site.

Get a professional percolation test in Mobile, AL

If you need to move forward with septic construction on your land, let Polysurveying & Engineering aid you in the process. We offer professional land surveying and testing and can help you determine if your site is suitable for the installation of a sewage system. Our surveying services include a variety of land tests and surveys that can help keep your construction project on the right track. Contact us for more information about our services and how we can help evaluate your property.

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