Hire a Professional Land Surveyor in Mobile, AL for Your Construction Layout

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Planning a construction project is a complicated process, whether you’re building commercial or residential property. The stakes are high, and there’s not much room for error. One mistake can set you back in terms of both time and money. To ensure a successful building project, it’s imperative that you get off to a good start. This begins with one of the first stages of construction: analyzing and verifying the construction layout. To accomplish this, hiring a professional land surveyor in Mobile, AL is a smart move. Here are a few ways you can benefit from having a surveyor review your... View Article

From Ancient Times to the Present Day: A Brief History of Civil Engineering in Mobile, AL

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Civil engineering as a distinct field is a modern invention, but its practice dates back much further than the founding of Mobile, AL. Once considered a science within architecture, civil engineering later evolved into an independent field which touches upon most facets of everyday life. Here is a brief history of civil engineering in Mobile, AL and how it affects us all today. Ancient roots Engineering began when people started building cities and phasing out their nomadic lifestyles. This led to the development of construction, as trial and error distinguished good design from less effective approaches. Mesopotamia contained some of... View Article

Robotics and Surveying in Mobile, AL: A Model of Efficiency

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Labor saving devices enter many arenas, and surveying in Mobile, AL is not immune. Many types of engineering and surveying technologies and software make land planning more efficient, and one option comes straight out of the pages of science fiction. Robots can track boundaries, record topography and reduce the number of people involved in a land survey. Here is how their contributions are making our jobs much easier. Types of robots Surveying is a skill that requires mastery of mathematics and attention to detail. While humans performed these functions admirably for the last thousand years, robots add another dimension of... View Article