Surveyors in Mobile, AL Are Taking Advantage of Drone Technology

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We’ve written previously about some of the advantages of using drone technology to make surveying easier and more effective. Drones can gather data much more quickly than traditional methods, and they can enable you to more easily analyze hard-to-reach or unsafe terrain. These helpful qualities have convinced many surveyors to invest in drones—and users are often pleasantly surprised to learn just how convenient drones can be in surveying work.

As the use of drones becomes more popular, a number of other benefits have emerged—and some of them are unexpected. Consider these surprising advantages of using drone technology for a surveying project.

Drones are cost-effective

Traditional surveys can take time and resources. While effective and necessary for some projects, traditional surveys often require a number of crew members and equipment. Any logistical challenges, such as soil removal and replacement at various stages of a project, could require lots of extra work and financial expense.

Drones come in handy in situations like these. You may think that utilizing the newest technology would make surveying work even more expensive to complete. However, drone surveying can actually be an attractive lower-cost alternative to traditional surveying techniques.

Surveyors in Mobile, AL use drones to minimize some of the extra costs involved with traditional surveys. Drones require much less equipment and fewer crew members to operate, which can translate to significant savings.

Drones offer useful add-ons

Since drones are a relatively young technology, you may think it would be difficult to incorporate drone use into the surveying process. However, drones can be used with add-on software to make surveying even easier.

For example, many drones have the ability to calculate specific site measurements and create surface models, which can allow surveyors to avoid extra steps that would need to be done manually (and results in additional cost-effectiveness). Drones are also compatible with different types of support programs to keep the surveying process seamless. For instance, surveyors in Mobile, AL can use compatible programs to analyze images and data collected by drones, streamlining the steps and work involved.

New technological features also make it convenient to share images and models digitally, which allows surveyors to be as nimble and productive as possible. Digital sharing also makes the process more collaborative and allows for adjustments along the way, often with a faster turnaround and approval time.

Drones pave the way

Using a drone for your surveying project can create opportunities to save money on a survey while also enjoying some of the process improvements made available by the latest technology.

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