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Rainy season has arrived, and now, water threatens destruction. Many problems that arise with poor drainage can be prevented with an assessment from a civil engineer in Mobile, AL. A drainage assessment checks soil quality and water flow to see if you are in danger of structural damage or dead landscaping due to bad water management. Here are the impacts of poor drainage that could make spring and summer challenging times:

  • Dead landscaping: Commercial and residential properties alike benefit from flourishing vegetation. When your trees, flowers and shrubs face poor drainage, it becomes impossible for them to grow. Excess water removes essential minerals from the soil, and roots are not able to breathe. You end up with waterlogged plants that eventually die, rather than a thriving outdoor atmosphere. Avoid root rot, fungus and bacterial problems by ordering a drainage assessment before you start landscaping.
  • Damaged foundations: If the poor drainage occurs near a building’s foundation, that is a disaster in the making. The water presses against the concrete, and eventually, the stress leads to cracks and breaches. You will want to watch this against any asphalt or concrete surface, since retaining walls, fences, roads and parking lots are vulnerable to this pressure, too. Checking drainage and perhaps installing French drains and other water control measures will prevent these problems. These become expensive repairs quickly, so a drainage assessment is a good cost-saving effort.
  • Rodents and pests: Excess water attracts a variety of irritating plant life, including moss and mildew. The damp environment is also attractive to rodents and insects, which can affect everything from sanitary conditions to structural integrity. We have enough of an insect problem during our Alabama summers that you really do not need to encourage it! Water control is also pest, insect and rodent control, which makes it well worth your investment.
  • Poor grazing: Drainage assessments are not just beneficial to urban and suburban environments. Water management is vital on rural properties, whether you raise crops or livestock. Excess water threatens animals with disease, but also limits pasture growth. If you supplement your animals with less hay in the summer and usually just let them graze, they could suffer from malnutrition if you do not solve drainage issues. Also, if you grow your own hay, poor drainage will compromise its quality and production. Assess drainage capacity and make needed adjustments to help livestock thrive.
  • Reduced crop production: Just as with landscaping, flooded fields stop root development. One symptom includes patchy crops. This phenomenon looks like a checkerboard of dead and thriving crops, and the dead ones often exist where drainage is poor. You will see reduced yields that will do nothing for your bottom line. Rather than lose crops, assess the drainage capacity in your fields so you can take preventative action and enjoy a good season.

Avoid these impacts by contacting a civil engineer in Mobile, AL at Polysurveying & Engineering. Our drainage assessments will help you make good construction and landscaping decisions and manage storm water more effectively.

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