Ask a Civil Engineer in Mobile, AL About a Drain Assessment

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Rainy season has arrived, and now, water threatens destruction. Many problems that arise with poor drainage can be prevented with an assessment from a civil engineer in Mobile, AL. A drainage assessment checks soil quality and water flow to see if you are in danger of structural damage or dead landscaping due to bad water management. Here are the impacts of poor drainage that could make spring and summer challenging times: Dead landscaping: Commercial and residential properties alike benefit from flourishing vegetation. When your trees, flowers and shrubs face poor drainage, it becomes impossible for them to grow. Excess water... View Article

How ALTA Surveying in Mobile, AL Supports Commercial Transactions and Developments

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When making a difficult decision about purchasing a commercial property, gathering as much pertinent information as possible is necessary, and one way to do this is through land surveying in Mobile, AL. This information can be beneficial for all parties involved in a transaction, and the strict set of standards set forth by the American Land Title Association (ALTA) can serve as a protection for both sides further down the line. What type of information do ALTA surveys reveal? Digging deeper than a typical boundary survey, ALTA surveys provide comprehensive information about many aspects of a property. A client can... View Article