How Drone Technology Will Change the Future of Surveying in Mobile, AL

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There has been a wealth of technology that has been released over the years that has completely changed the way we live our lives. One such innovation is the drone, or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which due to increased availability in recent years, has become quite popular among hobbyists. Drone technology also has the potential to be a very effective tool for commercial businesses, particularly in land surveying in Mobile, AL.

Faster results mean faster decisions

One of the most significant benefits of drone technology is the amount of time that it cuts off of the surveying process. Surveyors receive information from drones almost instantly, so large plots of land that would typically take a few weeks to complete can be filmed and mapped in a day. In addition to drones being able to gather information quickly, the images and data are transmitted in real time, with all of the information going straight to a server. This means that the data that is gathered from a site can be analyzed and processed by the surveyor right away, shortening the process even more.

This type of efficiency is extremely beneficial for clients, as getting this valuable information quicker will allow them to make decisions in a fraction of the time. Drones help surveying companies tremendously, as well, because with the aid of this technology, they will be able to take on more projects without having to spend so much time on each, allowing them to expand their business and the services they offer.

Increased accessibility

A part of the reason that drones are able to accelerate the surveying process is because of their ability to maneuver in the hard-to-reach areas of various landscapes. Some of these more difficult areas could also be unsafe, so using this technology can keep surveyors out of harm’s way while minimizing the overall risk that is involved each time a surveyor is out in the field. If a prospective plot is particularly treacherous, surveying teams have to dedicate a large amount of time to figuring out how to successfully gather all of the data needed while still keeping everyone safe. Eliminating this step creates a surplus of time that can be devoted to the actual analysis of the information that was collected for the client, which will ultimately lead to higher quality in the results.

The drone itself is quite advanced and has much to offer to the land surveying field in addition to the actual technology. Drones can be powered by several different sources, and come equipped with 3D laser scanners, high definition cameras and wireless connectivity. All of these features merge to create clear and easy-to-read maps instantly, filled with very specific information that allow surveyors to ascertain pertinent details about an area or plot of land.

With accuracy that is a 99.6 percent match with conventional surveying methods, drone technology is reliable and has the potential to completely revolutionize the way that mapping and surveying in Mobile, AL is accomplished. If you could see yourself being open to utilizing this technology down the line, contact Polysurveying & Engineering to learn more about how drone usage could aid one of your projects in the future.

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