Why You Should Hire Civil Engineers in Mobile, AL to Fix Residential Drainage Problems

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Many homeowners will call a landscaper when they first run into drainage problems around their property. It’s thought that planting trees and shrubs or constructing a garden wall made of staked cinder blocks will stop water from encroaching on their home. Alternatively, a homeowner might mistake a serious drainage issue for an inadequately performing French drain or underground corrugated pipe system. If you have a persistent water runoff problem, are noticing signs of soil erosion or house flooding has become commonplace, contact a professional to help design an efficient system for your particular situation.

Here’s a closer look at why you should hire civil engineers in Mobile, AL to fix residential draining problems:

  • They will review structural damage: That crack on your concrete structure may look normal enough to you, but it could actually be a deep crack that goes in quite a ways. If left without repair, rising water may make the crack even bigger, as well as seep in, causing water damage to your home’s foundation or other concrete structures. To avoid further damage, schedule a civil engineer to come review structural damage on your property. After a thorough review, they will recommend any repair work that’s needed.
  • They’re valuable for your septic project: Let’s say you have a home septic project coming up. You need to move your septic system and would like design and custom layout suggestions from an expert, as well as a design that can handle all your household water waste, while holding strong against outdoor water sources. After all, you don’t want to run into drainage issues—or water seeping into your septic tank—come the rainy season. Without professional guidance, you may end up installing an inadequate drainage system, which is likely to lead to repeated drainage problems.
  • They can save you money on construction: Before you begin your drainage project, it would be a good idea to hire a professional engineer. Not only will this save you time trying to figure things out for yourself—like system design and layout, building materials and building codes—but it will also save you money on construction costs.
  • They’re skilled and trained: While you may see an open area to build just any drainage design you like, a professional will possess the skills and knowledge necessary to recommend a permanent solution to your property’s drainage problems. Civil engineers in Mobile, AL have the ability to keep an eye out for external factors that can have an effect on drainage, whether good or bad, and include it all in their planning and design.
  • They know local regulations and codes: Since civil engineers are licensed to deal with the overall planning of your new drainage system installation, as well as repairs required due to drainage problems, you won’t have to conduct time-consuming research on your county’s website. The engineer will take on the task of researching your county’s or city’s building codes and zoning regulations to make sure your property is good to go with the project.

If you need help from civil engineers in Mobile, AL who specialize in fixing drainage problems, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Polysurveying & Engineering today.

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