Truland Homes in Baldwin County: One of Our Top Partners for Surveying in Mobile, AL

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Truland Homes, a company located in Baldwin County, is one of the premier homebuilders in Alabama and the southeastern United States. Our companies have partnered together for years, and have grown alongside each other in the process. We provide all of their surveying needs in support of their continued growth, as we ourselves grow in our business of surveying in Mobile, AL.

The company was founded in 2011 in Spanish Fort, AL by Nathan Cox, who currently operates as the business’ CEO. At the time, Cox felt there was a true need in the region for a homebuilding company founded on the ethics of integrity and community, with a drive to create something special. The result was Truland Homes, a company where a promise and a handshake still mean something, where one’s reputation is more important than the bottom line. Simply put, with Truland Homes, the customer always comes first.

These types of values were heavily influenced by the dark times of the Great Recession. Each day, more and more builders throughout the region were closing their doors, and would-be buyers were having incredible difficulty finding financing. During that time, Truland focused its efforts on building up a team, developing financial strength and putting together the right group of communities in important locations. Not only did the company end up surviving the recession, but it actually thrived as a result of the care, talent and persistence of all the people brought into the company during its early stages.

Truland Homes is direct with customers in telling them their homes are not necessarily the cheapest available, but they do regard themselves as providing the best value. They are capable of creating custom homes of high quality for people throughout the Gulf Coast region to provide an alternative to many of the cookie cutter homes popping up that are made for the masses. With more than 200 years of combined experience on staff, they understand that crafting a custom home takes vision as well as construction and design talent.

Truland Homes’ services

Truland Homes builds houses with a wide variety of styles and floor plans, all of which are completely customizable to your needs. You can go to the Truland Homes website and specify the price range in which you’d like to stay, the amount of square footage you need and other key factors in your house. The site will then present you with a variety of options based on your search preferences.

You can browse samples of houses already built, or view the “inspiration gallery” on the website to get some more ideas for your own house—ones that you probably haven’t already seen on Pinterest. You can even book an appointment with our team to discuss the home building plans you have and how we can make them come to fruition.

For more information about the services of our partner, we encourage you to contact them! And if you are in need of surveying in Mobile, AL, our lines at Polysurveying & Engineering are open to speak to you.

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