Common Drainage Problems That May Require a Call to a Civil Engineer in Mobile, AL

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Nobody wants to discover that they have a drainage problem—especially since structural repairs to property or drainage systems can be costly. The key is to identify potential problems before things get worse. But not all drainage issues are immediately apparent. In fact, many issues occur over time, going unnoticed until a home- or business owner finds himself with costly water damage to deal with. With that in mind, here are some drainage problems you might run into that may require the expertise of a civil engineer in Mobile, AL.

House is below a hill

A big sign that you may have a problem with house flooding during the rainy season is living below a hill. If a proper drainage system is not in place, then the water has nowhere to go other than down toward your house—and this can result in water damage to more than just your basement or back patio area. You should seek the help of a civil engineer to plan a reliable drainage system around your property, complete with reinforcing barriers to divert water away from your house.

Sewer flooding

Civil engineers are knowledgeable in assisting the city with sewer problems, as well as private property septic flooding concerns. Sometimes, erosion has repositioned a sewer system or caused ground water to back up through toilets. For septic systems, proper drainage of rainwater away from the tank is important, because the tank needs to be clear for household water waste.

Undercut driveway or foundation

Drainage issues are prevalent with non-sloping driveways. This happens when the dirt underneath begins to erode due to rainwater being unable to drain away properly. Add the weight of heavy vehicles rolling and parking on the driveway, and a sinkhole could form. House foundations can also fall victim to poor drainage. Signs include cracks and leaks, particularly involving basement and indoor flooring. Water stains on the concrete or wood may also indicate possible contact with water.

Erosion under in-ground pools

As with driveways, in-ground pools with nearby erosion problems are in danger of falling into a sinkhole, or sustaining severe damage. If your area experiences a lot of water runoff time after time, your pool can flow over with water. And if water runoff from a slope is also pushing on the sides of the pool at the same time, its structural integrity can become compromised. A civil engineer can pin point where water diversion should start in order to protect your pool from damage.

You don’t already have to be occupying a structure to utilize an engineering service. If you are looking to buy a new home or commercial property and aren’t sure whether the land is fitted with a proper drainage system, your best bet would be to contact an expert. A civil engineer in Mobile, AL can inform you of any pitfalls as well as provide a flood evaluation of the property, along with solutions to remedy the existing or future drainage problem.

When you hire the professionals at Polysurveying & Engineering, you can rest easy knowing we will plan out only the most effective draining system to fix your problem. Call us today to learn more!

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