How a Professional Land Surveyor in Mobile, AL Can Help Build Your Future

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Building a home for the future takes a team, with each individual’s skills contributing to the completion of the project in one way or another. Let’s see how one team of homebuilders and a professional land surveyor in Mobile, AL are combining to turn dreams into reality.

The dream team

For five years now, Polysurveying & Engineering and DR Horton have worked together to create beautiful communities. In both Mobile and Baldwin County, these two companies have laid the formidable groundwork that has helped many subdivisions thrive. The award winning civil engineers at Polysurveying & Engineering have years of experience with subdivision layout and design.

Before any potential construction can begin, and any water, telephone, electric or similar utilities can be made available for the property, a plat survey must be completed. This survey is necessary before any new project, as well as before any land can be subdivided into smaller plots. Polysurveying & Engineering has expertly performed many official plat surveys over the years, helping to determine everything from the boundaries of the property to local right-of-way access points for roadways in the communities.

Over the past five years, DR Horton has served as the thunder to Polysurveying & Engineering’s lightning. DR Horton’s focus has been and will continue to be providing superbly constructed homes, while making each home unique with a flexibility in design that reflects local tradition. For this reason, they have had a dominant presence in more than 45 communities, and are one of the leading home building companies in the country.

DR Horton’s commitment to matching families with the home of their dreams is so strong that they include high quality amenities in the original construction of many homes, while other companies consider these same options upgrades that should subsequently come with higher price tags.

The Colleton subdivision

The Colleton subdivision in Baldwin County serves as an excellent example of the partnership between these two ambitious companies. This subdivision features two new three-bedroom homes that will serve as the cornerstone for a growing community. Both of these thoughtfully constructed homes have a well laid out, spacious floor plan in which every contingency was planned for. From expansive back yards to generous and private master bedrooms, this subdivision is a great example of just what these two companies are capable of when they come together on a joint venture.

The homes in this community also feature GE appliances, Sherwin-Williams paint and a designer landscaping package, ensuring that the entire home, inside and out, will be everything that you and your family have ever dreamed of. The subdivision is also near elementary, middle and high schools, making this potential neighborhood a great place to build your family for years to come.

Polysurveying and Engineering is the premier choice if you need a professional land surveyor in Mobile, AL. As their work with DR Horton over the years has demonstrated, they can collaborate with anyone to create anything. Let these two great companies take all of the stress out of buying a new home by providing you with trustworthy planning and expert craftsmanship. Make sure you give us a call right away so you can start planning your future.

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