Why Surveying in Mobile, AL Should Be the First Step in Your Next Building Project

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Before you take on any new task in your life, whether it’s professional or personal, you likely try your best to lay out a plan of action. It is rare that you decide to undertake a large project without at least having an idea of the direction in which you want that project to go. Building projects are no different, and surveying in Mobile, AL is the first step in any successful project. There are several different types of surveying that can be done, and regardless of whether you are planning for a small home or a large commercial building, you will need to select the survey that is best suited to your needs:

  • Construction survey: Before any type of structure or building can be built, a construction or “lay-out” survey must be done. A comprehensive overview of the proposed land is performed, and all of the current conditions of the land are taken into consideration in order to develop the most practical, efficient plan to guide construction.
  • Property surveys: There are several different types of property surveys that are selected based on the specific project they are needed for. These types of surveys can be used on a macro level for big corporations or government entities, or on a smaller level for matters pertaining to single-family homes. These surveys are usually presented in map form, and they show the physical features of a property within its boundaries. You might request a basic “house location” survey that shows exactly where the house is in relation to other buildings on the property and within the neighborhood. Or you might opt for a more detailed survey that highlights factors such as elevation of the structures on your property, including garages, fences or other improvements you might have made to add value to your home.
  • Percolation surveys: The inclusion of an Onsite Sewage Treatment and Disposal System (OSS) on your property can ensure that your water removal is both efficient and safe. Each OSS must be built to certain specifications depending on the size and purpose of the property, and a percolation survey will guarantee that your water and sewage systems are meeting city regulation requirements. This type of survey will also determine whether the ground quality is suitable enough to sustain the capabilities and needs of both the OSS and the structure itself.

Even if you aren’t building a structure from the ground up, there are still many reasons that a land survey can be beneficial. Mortgage surveys are used by banks and other lending organizations daily when financing homes. A boundary survey can quickly settle a dispute you might be having with your neighbor about property lines. Or if you want to ensure that you are paying the correct insurance rates, an elevation survey can both assess the risk levels of your property and make sure that your insurance premium is an appropriate match for the size of your home.

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