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The first step in building any home is planning, and civil engineers in Mobile, AL are ready to help plan your perfect home. But what exactly is a civil engineer, and how can they help? Let’s find out!

What is a civil engineer?

At the core of the civil engineering profession are individuals who possess elite problem solving and planning skills. Within the broad field of engineering, civil engineers zero in on particular specialties. Some of these areas of specialty could include foundation plans, transportation and roadway design, subdivision design and layout or site development. There is an even further breakdown of options dependent on whether there is a commercial or residential focus.

Civil engineers even play a role in municipal and government projects. There are some engineers who choose to specialize in transportation, for example, where the emphasis is on planning efficient road design. A transportation civil engineer has to take into account many different factors simultaneously. For example, the timing of the traffic lights in an area are a critical part of any road planning. Or they may need to adjust a potential design that could lead to traffic buildup that would have a negative effect on a small community. On the other hand, they might choose to focus on commercial planning, such as an entertainment venue or a sports stadium, or even an airport.

As important as civil engineers are during the planning stages, they are just as important during the construction and post-construction phases as well. Civil engineers play a vital role in the maintenance and improvement of already existing infrastructure. The world is constantly changing, and it is not always reasonable or resourceful to continue to build new systems in response to this change. In these instances, civil engineers problem solve and trouble shoot in order to figure out how to make already existing structures match more appropriately with our ever-changing world without having to build new structures from the ground up.

Why are civil engineers so important?

The work that civil engineers do is especially critical in the opening stages of any building project. With all of the initial planning that lays the groundwork for a project, these engineers are vital to getting a building off of the ground. Civil engineers plan the most efficient and cost effective course for your project, while also making sure that all state-mandated building codes are being observed and the whole project remains compliant every step of the way.

But their importance doesn’t stop here. Civil engineers are just as important once construction is underway. They will be there to guide the project making sure that the project remains on plan and on budget. Their troubleshooting skills will also be on display at the construction site, because even the best-laid plans are not exempt from unforeseen occurrences. The ability to be able to creatively figure out solutions on the fly within the framework and budget is a necessity at any building site.

Make sure that your project is on the right track with the help of civil engineers in Mobile, AL. Give the engineering team at Polysurveying & Engineering a call for a quote, and begin planning your perfect home or commercial project right away.

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