Six Reasons to Build Your New Home in Mobile, AL

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If you’ve ever been to Mobile, Alabama, you might already understand why so many people are flocking to live there. The average annual temperature is a comfortable 67 degrees and it is only a few miles away from some of the most beautiful beaches on the Gulf Coast. Mobile is becoming an increasingly popular destination for tourists and those looking to move or build a new home apart from just the nice weather and beaches.

Higher income

According the Department of Numbers, which provides income data for cities all over the country, in 2015 the median household income in metro Mobile was $36,994. While that figure is lower than the national average, it’s actually $812 more than the rest of Alabama. In 2014, the per capita income for individuals in Mobile was lower than the rest of Alabama but it experienced a 5.65% increase since 2013. This increase can be attributed to job growth in the area.

Job growth

Many new jobs have been created in the Mobile area over the past few years. Notably, an Airbus U.S. Manufacturing Facility recently moved into Mobile. Airbus U.S. and other manufacturers employ approximately 3,500 engineers, processors, mechanics, welders and other skilled workers in the aerospace and aviation field. Visitors to the Gulf Coast have probably noticed the numerous oil rigs off the coast. The oil and gas industry and subsequent fields (i.e. ship repair) are some other major employers in the Mobile area.

Lower cost of Living

The cost of living, especially home prices, in Mobile is significantly lower than the national average. The median sales price of a home in Mobile is $123,725 and the media rent per month is $875. Far lower than the average for the state and country. Houses in the suburbs of Mobile tend to cost a little more, but their schools are also better.

Improving education system

There are 58 schools in Mobile. Elementary and middle schools in the area generally receive good ratings, while the high schools are a bit lower. If your child decides to attend a college after high school, they might want to consider one of Mobile’s institutions of higher learning. The University of South Alabama is growing quickly, adding better faculty. Springhill College and the University of Mobile are both popular private colleges in the area.

Downtown renovation

Mobile residents know that downtown has been known as a place to avoid for quite a while. But an organization called the Downtown Mobile Alliance has recently worked to clean up the area. Even though downtown properties might not look like much now, a land surveyor in Mobile, AL should account for the expected growth in property value when evaluating land downtown.

Family environment

Mobile is generally considered a family friendly environment. Festivals are held throughout the year that are great for kids and adults; including a savory Mardi Gras celebration for your family. Outside activities are also abundant for your family in Mobile. Whether it’s spending a day at the beach, or exploring the vast marshlands, there’s a lot for your kids to love in Mobile.

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