Tips on Building a Home Studio, from Your Surveyor in Mobile, AL

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The Internet and other technologies are making working from home easier than ever. Many people who work from home use their basements, attics, spare bedrooms or even just the kitchen table as their workspace. But a lucky few have a designated, separate office or studio space in their own backyards. Whether you are a photographer, videographer, writer or any other type of professional who works from home, a home studio might be a possibility for you. But first, you need to familiarize yourself with zoning rules and regulations. To that end, here are a few tips for getting started on a home studio, from your surveyor in Mobile, AL:

  • Setbacks: You may own your own property, but that does not mean you are free to build whatever and however you want on it. A setback is a set amount of space that must exist between any structure on your property and the edge of the property, so as not to obstruct your neighbor’s views or other rights. Typically, setbacks are about 12 feet, but this varies from area to area. Check what the setback rule is in your area before building your new home studio.
  • Lot coverage: In order to preserve green space in the community, many local zoning codes include rules about how much of a lot may be covered with structure or pavement. Typically, a lot coverage rule will aim for at least a half-and-half split. But the larger your lot is, the stricter the rules may be. Again, you ought to check with a surveyor in Mobile, AL about lot coverage before building your dream office.
  • Easements: There is a good chance that your property is built on top of utility lines and other public resources, and your construction project could inhibit these utilities. Easements are building rules that exist to ensure you do not infringe upon public utilities. Easements can also exist to ensure public access to a beach or park, or to give your neighbor a right to use your shared driveway.
  • Hire a professional: The above three tips touch on just a few examples of the many different zoning rules and regulations that could come up when you try to build a home office (or any other separate structure) on your property. Make sure you stay in the right, and avoid any legal trouble or neighborly disputes, by hiring a professional land surveyor in Mobile, AL.
  • Talk to your neighbors: Communicating with your neighbors before and during the construction process will ensure that there are no hard feelings, and will give your neighbor a chance to air any concerns of disputes before the project is set in stone. For example, if the office will be built near your shared property line, make sure you both understand and are in agreement with the setback rule.

For help with any and all zoning regulation questions and concerns, please get in touch with Polysurveying & Engineering today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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