Dealing with a Boundary Dispute: Advice from Your Land Surveyor in Mobile, AL

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They say that good fences make good neighbors—but what if you and your neighbor cannot agree upon where to put the fence, or who ought to pay for it? And what about issues like a tree growing into another neighbor’s property, or the question of whether blocking a neighbor’s view is illegal?

Unfortunately, these issues are not always very easy to resolve. That is why many folks find themselves in messy boundary disputes with neighbors they once considered friendly acquaintances. But you both stay calm and act intelligently and with the right information, your boundary dispute does not necessarily need to cause a lot of stress. Here is some basic advice for dealing with boundary disagreements from your land surveyor in Mobile, AL.

Approach the neighbor first

When your neighbor builds an imposing fence, or sends you the bill for installing new ivy between your houses without first asking you, it can be easy to lose your temper. But it is important to remember that a little patience and good old fashioned manners can go a long way toward settling these disagreements—in fact, you might not even need the help of a third party at all.

Try setting up a time to talk with your neighbor that works for both of you, and meet at a neutral location, such as a coffee shop in your neighborhood. Let them know about your concerns, and be prepared to compromise rather than assume you’ll get everything you want—after all, a compromise is usually less of a headache or risk than going to court. Try your best to stay calm, and if your neighbor grows surly, suggest that you end the meeting before you lose your own temper.

Hire a neutral surveyor

If you and your neighbor simply cannot come to an agreement on your own, it is time to hire a land surveyor in Mobile, AL. If at all possible, try to hire the surveyor together to eliminate any air of bias. At the very least, try emailing or sending your neighbor a note with the names of a few surveyors you would consider hiring, and offer to let them make the final decision.

Surveyors handle boundary disputes all the time, so they should be able to tell you definitively where your property ends, where your neighbor’s begins, and what that means for your boundary dispute.

Knowing when to sue

If your land surveyor presents clear evidence in your favor and your neighbor still will not back down on their claims, then it is time to consider how important the issue really is to you. For matters of only a few inches or a couple hundred dollars, biting your tongue and respectfully avoiding your neighbor might be a better solution.

However, once your neighbor knows they can get away with it, they might start taking advantage of you on a regular basis. If you fear that outcome, then know you have every right to sue, and to use your land survey as solid evidence in your case.

If you are currently having a boundary dispute with your neighbor, get in touch with Polysurveying & Engineering today.

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