Robotics and Surveying in Mobile, AL: A Model of Efficiency

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Labor saving devices enter many arenas, and surveying in Mobile, AL is not immune. Many types of engineering and surveying technologies and software make land planning more efficient, and one option comes straight out of the pages of science fiction. Robots can track boundaries, record topography and reduce the number of people involved in a land survey. Here is how their contributions are making our jobs much easier.

Types of robots

Surveying is a skill that requires mastery of mathematics and attention to detail. While humans performed these functions admirably for the last thousand years, robots add another dimension of accuracy. The technology for survey robots has been around for years, but it continues to advance and gets used more frequently.

Equipment involving robotics includes AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Robotic Total Stations and Survey Grade GPS. These were once available only to the most advanced engineering firms, but lately, these tools are becoming commonplace. Robotic Total Stations are one of the most popular developments due to the fact one person can easily use them and they perform a variety of functions. A station easily maps the location of buildings, locates boundaries and even completes light topographical surveys. Since setup usually involves just one device and waiting for it to collect data, these stations become cost- and time-saving measures.

Rover devices are also evolving, and NASA is working on robots that can complete underwater surveys. While those are not within our practice area, it makes for a fascinating development that shows the extent of this technology’s abilities.

Benefits of robotics

Speed of service delivery is a big advantage of robotics in surveying in Mobile, AL. Whether you need boundaries defined or you are anxious to begin land planning, the technology available works more quickly than older tools. Surveyors normally visit your premises once, and the first sweep is so accurate that confirmation in a follow-up visit is not necessary. This allows a survey to conclude more quickly, which means you can start a project sooner. That is good for everyone’s bottom line.

Survey quality also increases with technology use. While surveyors are very skilled at their jobs and making the right calculations, human error is always a possibility. That is why there are often misrepresented boundaries and other disputes that arise in the future. With these new robots, that likelihood is much lower, which allows you to build or invest with confidence. Investing in high-tech surveys now can help you save money on legal fees later.

Finally, there are reduced labor costs. There is no longer a need for a large surveying crew, as it only takes one or two people to use these high-tech tools. The savings then pass on to clients, who get to enjoy paying less for what could arguably be better service.

Polysurveying & Engineering offers surveying in Mobile, AL using the latest technology and industry knowledge. If you are considering a home purchase, looking to subdivide or need to confirm boundaries, call us today so we can create an accurate and effective land survey for you.

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