Six Questions to Ask a Professional Land Surveyor in Mobile, AL Before Hiring Them

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Whether you need to settle a boundary dispute with your neighbors, are buying your first property or are thinking about expanding your commercial building, just about everyone will find themselves in need of a quality professional land surveyor in Mobile, AL at one point or another. But how can you tell if a surveyor is right for you? The answer obviously varies based on what your particular needs happen to be, but you can certainly narrow it down by knowing which questions to ask. With that in mind, here are six questions to ask a professional land surveyor in Mobile, AL before hiring them.

Are you fully licensed?

Being fully licensed is crucial for any business, whether they are a beauty salon or a construction crew. But because so much can hinge on the results of a property survey, it is especially important that your surveyor be fully licensed and certified. If you suspect they are misleading you, check with your state licensing board’s website.

Do you have liability insurance?

Just as crucial as a proper license is full liability insurance. After all, a land surveyor is going to be poking and digging around your property, meaning you need to make sure you are protected should anything go wrong. Beyond that, proper insurance is further proof that a surveyor is professional and high quality.

Do you specialize in a particular kind of surveying?

There are many different kinds of surveying, ranging from boundary to topographical and beyond. You definitely do not want to hire a surveyor for a topographic survey if all their experience is with boundaries, and vice versa. Ideally, try to hire someone versatile enough that they can potentially perform multiple different jobs for you.

About how long does a job like mine take you?

Each survey is different, because each piece of land is different. That being said, a professional land surveyor in Mobile, AL should be able to give you some sort of time estimate based on the size of your property and the type of survey being conducted. This will help you to plan accordingly, although keep in mind that this is only an estimate.

What kind of equipment do you use?

A quality surveyor is not only experienced and precise—they also take care to use only the best and most up-to-date technology in the industry. Ask a few questions about your surveyor’s equipment and practices to ensure that they are the real deal.

Can I get a price estimate?

Finally, knowing how much a survey will cost will help you to prepare a reasonable budget, complete with a good amount of leeway should anything unexpected come up in the survey. Any quality surveyor will be happy to give you a detailed price estimate before they get to work surveying your property.

When you get in touch with the team at Polysurveying & Engineering, we will be happy to answer all of the above questions and any others you may have. We look forward to being your professional land surveyor in Mobile, AL.

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