Six Common Reasons to Hire a Surveyor in Mobile, AL

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You probably know what a land surveyor is and what they do, but you might be wondering: In what situation would hiring a surveyor in Mobile, AL benefit me? As it turns out, there are plenty of good reasons to hire a surveyor, ranging from the typical to the obscure. As a surveyor in Mobile, AL with nearly 45 years of experience and a strong word of mouth reputation in our community, we have observed several different common reasons for hiring a surveyor throughout the years. Here are six of the most common reasons why you might hire a land surveyor to look at your property:

  • Putting up a fence: Whether it is for security or increased curb appeal, many people choose to put up a new fence around their property. But if it has been a while since your property was last surveyed, you could be facing a nasty boundary dispute you’re your neighbors over whether or not your fence encroaches on their property. To be certain you are proceeding within your rights, consider hiring a surveyor.
  • Buying or selling: Most people will find themselves buying or selling property at some point or another, and as such it is always important to remember that a surveyor can help make the process smooth, efficient and productive on both sides. A survey will tell you exactly how much land there is, determine whether there are any problems with the land itself and help buyers secure a mortgage.
  • Refinancing a loan: Just as you need a recent land survey to receive a mortgage from the bank, you also need a survey if you plan to refinance a loan on your building. Banks require this so they can be sure that your property has not changed dramatically, and to have a firm idea of where the property lines are.
  • Adding a parking lot: If you own a commercial space and want to add a parking lot for the convenience of your employees and customers, a survey is an absolute must. After all, you certainly do not want to put in all the effort and money of building a new lot, only to realize that several spaces are actually on your neighbor’s property.
  • Adding to your property: Whether you are expanding your home or adding a new building onto your commercial lot, knowing the characteristics and boundaries of your land will ensure that your new building will be up to code and fully within your property limits.
  • Changing your landscaping: Finally, if you plan to relocate any shrubs or other landscaping characteristics, a surveyor in Mobile, AL can help determine if there are any major utility lines beneath your property that might be disrupted by the changed landscape. This will help prevent major headaches down the line.

Whatever reason you have to hire a land surveyor in Mobile, AL, we hope you will trust Polysurveying & Engineering with the job. Our local team has been proudly serving the greater Mobile area since 1972.

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