Stay Safe This Flood Season: Advice from Your Civil Engineer in Daphne, AL

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As we transition from fall into winter, most people are thinking about plans for the holidays, long weekend ski trips or big mugs of hot cocoa. But along with the winter cheer, you should also have one important issue on your mind: flood safety. As a civil engineer in Daphne, AL, we have seen firsthand the devastation that can occur when individuals and communities are not fully prepared for the possibility of a flood. Here are some different steps you can take to keep your family, business and community safe in the event of a flood:

  • Check your drains: Drains will play a big role in the safety of your home or commercial space during a flood. Even if you think your basement or outdoor drains are clean and effective, you should have a professional come check your drains at the beginning of every flood season to ensure they are not clogged or out of date.
  • Spread knowledge: Did you know that six inches of water could be enough to overpower you, and that two feet of water can carry your car away? What about the fact that flash floods are the primary cause of weather related deaths in the U.S.? Floods are serious business, and you and your community should make sure that everyone knows how to respond to one.
  • Be informed: If you don’t know that a flood is occurring, or how severe it is, it is impossible to stay safe. Make a habit of checking the weather each day, especially during flood season, and sign up for weather emergency alerts via text or email. If your elderly loved ones or neighbors live alone, take it upon yourself to alert them of any potentially dangerous weather.
  • Have a plan: It is important to have plans on an individual, group and community level for dealing with floods. Start with your own home or business, and then look into what the flood precautions are for your larger community. If you cannot find adequate information, see if you can convince your community leaders to improve local flood preparedness.
  • Prepare your home or business: On a more immediate level, make sure your families or employees know the little things they can do to minimize flood damage on your property. Bringing outdoor furniture and other large items inside, disconnecting all electronics if your indoor property becomes wet and turning off your gas and electricity lines during severe flood warnings are all fairly easy ways to stay safe.
  • Ask a professional: No matter how much work you put into flood preparedness, it will not pay off unless the fundamentals of your property and community are designed to be safe in the event of a flood. Ask a civil engineer in Daphne, AL to inspect your home, business or community to ensure you are as safe as possible.

If you are looking for an experienced and dependable civil engineer in Daphne, AL to assist with your flood safety efforts, we hope you will consider trusting Polysurveying & Engineering with the job.

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